1994. "Thorpeness, Suffolk "
The year it all began. Looking back now we had no idea it was going to be so good. At the time we decided to go to England because Mick and Lee were living near London. It was an adventure in the making, which started on the road and carried on all weekend. We look so young compared to 2007. You can tell by the gear we are wearing that there were not many regular golfers in the group.
Bob Preston, Noel Forrester, Dave Forrester, Martin Forrester, Lee Cuckson and Mick Preston

1995. "Dromoland, Co. Clare "
There were 11 in 1995, we had tee shirts and a trophy. We drove down on Thursday and Bob got done for speeding. Jimmy picked Christy up from the airport and the party started. We still were all related in some way except for Joe Bergin who was given honorary membership of the family . Some of us still have the black tee shirts.
Noel McClean, Noel Forrester, Noel Tobin, Mick Preston, Dave Forrester, Martin Forrester, Bob Preston, Joe Bergin, Lee Cuckson. On top is Christy Donohoe and Jimmy Hegarty

1996 "Bundoran, Co. Donegal "
In 1996 we travelled via Ballina and did have a good time winding up the locals in the disco. We drove to Donegal the next day and arrived in heavy rain. Christy really made a cock up when after having to search for he ball on every hole Noel F caught him looking up and the sky and roared at him"YOU WON'T FIND IT UP THERE!!!"
Mick King replaced Noel Tobin this year.

1997 "Gold Coast, Dungarvan "
Two new additions this year Tony Dunne and Gary Owens who both worked with Dave. Good golfers both, future Champions. The weekend had a WORM and a Night Porter for entertainment. We were told we looked like a "Brick Shithouse Society", some big men here.

Martin Forrester, Dave Forrester, Jimmy Hegarty, Noel Forrester, Lee Cuckson, Noel McClean, Gary Owens, Bob Preston, Mick Preston, Joe Bergin and Tony Dunne.

1998 "Dromoland, Co Clare "
We went via Galway this year, Noel McClean got lost, again. We stayed in a b&b went to the "Quays" and got to bed about 4. Drove to Ennis and had one of the best sessions in a pub that has ever happened. We invented the "Wanky Wipe"
Bob, Christy, Dave, Joe, Lee, Noel Mc, Noel F, Mick and Jimmy. Tony and Gary were delayed and arrived late.

Still waiting for the photos1999 "Ballymascanlon, Co. Louth "
I had no camera this year and I am still waiting for the photos from Jimmy Hegarty and Joe Bergin. 9 years and still waiting. We had the "Last Chance Dance", Noel McClean swearing drink was a waste of money and a golf course with over 50 women players there. They were dodgy.....
Same crew plus John

2000 "Limerick County, Co. Limerick "
We travelled by bus, stopped for breakfast and drank crates of beer all the way down. There were 3 new members and they fought hard to avoid winning the Ladies Prize. We actually got lost on the way and had to ring for directions.

Jimmy Hegarty, Tony Dunne, Tom Halpin, Lee Cuckson, Martin Christy, Mick Preston, Noel McClean, Bob Preston, Joe Bergin, Alan Kavanagh(driver), Joe McClean, Gary Owens, Noel Forrester and Martin Forrester.

2001 "Gold Coast, Dungarvan, Co Waterford "
As before on a second visit to a course we had the same winner. Drama filled weekend with a group of Americans in the hotel.

Pearse Walpole (Marathon Man) replaced Martin Christie this year.

Still waiting for these photos too2002 "Benalamaden, Spain "
We went to Spain, played three courses, Torrequebrada, Mijas and some place I cannot remember. This was a major pissup. The 2002 World Cup was on and we were really disappointed with the stories coming from Saipan. However, this is the only way to play golf
Noel F, Bob, Dave, Mick, Lee, Jimmy, Joe B, Noel Mc, Gary and Tony

DON Club 20032003 "Ballymascanlon, Co. Louth "
Gary was the star of the show, driving to and from a family wedding. The dance was gone but everything else was the same..
Tony, Jimmy, Tom, Joe Mc, Lee, Mick, Gary, Dave, Noel Mc, Joe B, Pearse, Noel F and Bob

DON Club 20042004 "Galway Bay, Co. Galway "
We got several new additions from England. Star of the show was Terry Magic, he was brilliant.
Too many names

DON Club 20052005 "Nuremore, Co. Monaghan "
Serious drinking weekend, some crashing of golf buggies and injury to people jumping off. Good weekend with getting a taxi back to the hotel the only problem.

Read the Photo

2006 "Benalamedena, Spain "
Back to Spain, we will go to a different spot in 2008. We played 3 courses, Torrequebrada, Mijas and La Cala. We definitely drink far too much.

Pearse, Tony D, Lee, Bob, Tony B, Paul, Mick, Gary, Dave, Noel Mc, Noel F, Jimmy

2007 "Killarney, Co. Kerry "
Killarney, 3 courses, Lackabane, Beaufort and Kilorglin. Tony Dunne arranged it all and did a brilliant job. This was the first year we had four sets of brothers. Dave and Noel Forrester, Mick and Bob Preston, Paul and Gary Owens, Joe and Noel McClean.

Tony D, Gary, Dave, Joe Mc, Paul, Tony B, Lee, Mick, Pearse, Joe B, Bob, Martin, Jimmy, Noel Mc and Noel F.

Next Year2008 "Portugal"
Dave Forrester and Tony Dunne organisied trip to Villamura. we played 3 courses Pinhal, Laguna and Millenium, got rained on but had a brilliant time. Two new men playing and two moral supporters to drive the buggy and search for balls.

Noel F, Dave, Bob, Tony D, Noel Mc, Gary, Paul, Tony, Tony Hassett and John Bentham. Derek Forrester and Frank Dawson came along for the party. Lee joined us in Portugal.

Next Year2008 Captain's Day "Killcock"
We returned to our regular location Kilcock which had the new "9" open. Great scoring with Noel McClean emerging as number one this year.

Noel F, Dave, Bob, Mick, Noel Mc, John B, Tony B, Tony D, Gary and Paul

The Blarney Boys2008 Aaron Bergin Trophy "Blarney Golf Resort"
Tony Dunne organised through his friend Conor, GM of the Blarney Complex. John Daly designed course with hotel and golf homes on site. Outstanding location and Conor really looked after us

Tony Dunne, Bob Preston and Mick Preston travelled in Tony's car, Dave Forrester brought, Noel Forrester, Noel McClean, Gary Owens and Paul Owens

Magnificent 72009 DON Club Weekend "Gold Coast Golf Resort"
Tony Dunne organised with the Gold Coast Hotel after the first choice Faithlegg refused to reduce pricesworked out really well. Got a brillian deal and with only seven we all stayed in a villa and had a great weekend. Tony and Dave did the driving again! Dave got the beer and Noel got the food. Best value trip we ever had

Bob, Mick, Noel Mc, Gary, Dave, Noel F and Tony.

The  Boys2009 xxxxx Trophy "xx location"