Mick Preston Perpetual Trophy
3 Day Competion, Away weekend

Winners: Bob Preston, Lee Cuckson, Noel McClean, Gary Owens, Tony Dunne and Jimmy Hegarty


Story: The Mick Preston Trophy, named after my late father, is played for over three days.

DON is a card game played mainly in Dublin by working class people. The theory of learning being, if you make a mistake you get thrown in the Liffey.

It is simply called the Don Club Trophy. To win you need to be able to stand still with a thumping headache and dodgy top and bottom and hit the ball reasonably straight.


Captains' Prize
Dublin Based Competition

Winners: Joe Bergin, Bob Preston, Noel McClean, Gary Owens and Paul Owens


Story: The Captain's Prize, renamed the Noel Forrester Trophy.

This Trophy has had a very hard life, literally. It has been dropped by drunks so many times it is in a sorry state. Gary Owens has most recently killed it, tthe new model is shown above.


Aaron Bergin Trophy
Played for over Weekend Away

Winners: Bob Preston, Jimmy Hegarty, Noel McClean, Gary Owens Joe Bergin and Dave Forrester

Team: 2006 Gary Owens, Mick Preston, Pearse Walpole and Paul Owens


Story: In memory of Aaron, baby son of Joe and Tina who sadly passed away soon after birth.

Normally a nine hole competition in 2006 we changed to a Team event with players playing together on Day 1 forming a team and all scores being added.

2007 we played on June 29th individual competition in Kilcock and Dave Forrester had his first win with 37 points..


Lady's Prize
Played for over Weekend Away

Winners: Noel Tobin, Tom Halpin and Joe McClean

Story: Awarded to the worst golfer over the weekend.

Joe McClean has claimed it the most times, he gave it back in 2007 and has refused to take it anymore.


Winners By Year
  • 1994 Thorpeness: Bob Preston & Lee Cuckson


  • 1995 Dromoland: Bob Preston


  • 1996 Bundoran: Lee Cuckson


  • 1997 Gold Coast: Noel McClean
  • 1997 Deer Park: Joe Bergin


  • 1998 Dromoland: Bob Preston
  • 1998 Kilcock: Bob Preston


  • 1999 Ballymascanlon: Tony Dunne
  • 1999 Grange Castle: Bob Preston


  • 2000 Limerick County: Bob Preston
  • 2000 Limerick County: Bob Preston


  • 2001 Gold Coast: Noel McClean
  • 2001 Gold Coast: Jimmy Hegarty


  • 2002 Spain: Lee Cuckson
  • 2002 Millicent: Gary Owens
  • 2002 Millicent: Gary Owens


  • 2003 Ballymascanlon: Gary Owens
  • 2003 Lutrellstown Castle: Gary Owens


  • 2004 Galway Bay: Tony Dunne
  • 2004 Galway Bay: Joe Bergin


  • 2005 Nuremore: Jimmy Hegarty


  • 2006 Spain: Jimmy Hegarty
  • 2006 Spain: Gary Owens, Paul Owens, Mick Preston and Pearse Walpole


  • 2007 Killarney: Bob Preston
  • 2007 Kilcock: Dave Forrester
  • 2007 Tulferris: Paul Owens


  • 2008 Portugal: Dave Forrester
  • 2008 Blarney: Mick Preston
  • 2008 Kilcock: Noel McClean