DON Club - 2015


This was to be pre 2014 but unfortunatly I got my coding wrong.

GOTO 2013


The pre 2012 DON Club website is here. I worked with this one for several years and I always liked it. The new templates are purchased so I can pretty much put up some alternatives designs at will.

GOTO Clubhouse

Old DON Club Clubhouse

I was always messing around with different web designs and tried this one for several years. Most of the years are here 1994 to 2009.

History of the DON Club

Each year has a small story to it from 1994 to 2009

The Banner below is the heading for most of the pages in the older site.

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DON Club Trophy

What the weekend is played for, but it is all about the craic.

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Champions Page

Over the years we have played for a few different trophies and the winning has been spread out over nearly everybody

  • Bob Preston
  • Lee Cuckson
  • Noel McClean
  • Joe Bergin
  • Tony Dunne
  • Gary Owens
  • Jimmy Hegerty
  • Dave Forrester
  • Paul Owens
  • Mick Preston

Evan Pearse has won something, a team event in Spain 2002. Nowadays we only play for two trophies, DON Club and Captain's, which seems to be Gary's at the moment with several wins in a row.