DON Club - 2015

About the DON Club

The DON Club was formed in 1994 after Bob was asked to leave "The Odd Fellows" Golf Society, a matter of stabbing his brother in law Dave with a fork. Everybody not in the "ODD Fellows" agreed it was more than justified. The original group was Bob, Dave, Mick, Lee, Martin and Noel Forrester stepped in at the last minute because the other Noel(McClean) had not told his wife and she would not let him go.

Year 1

1994 Bob, Dave, Martin and Noel got into the Granada and drove to Rosslare, boat over to Wales and then drove down to Crawley to meet Mick and Lee.

A trip that was an adventure in itself.

Noel Forrester took on the role of Captain after the first year and even though his golf was never enough to win the competition he still came along for 15 years. 2009 was his last year playing but he joined us for 2014 for a bit of craic.

1994 Thorpeness, Bob, Noel, Dave and Martin travel from Dublin to London via car and boat. We had a ball getting there and a great time while there. We met up with Mick and Lee and headed into the west.
For the Dublin boys the fun started before we got on the boat. We stopped of for a drink or two on the way. While in the pub we came up with a plan on who would drive the car off the boat and then from Wales to London. The way it worked out Bob and Dave lost, which meant 1 pint on the boat and the soft drinks for the rest of the trip. Check out the photos. The plan was out the window, so Noel drove a little bit, had a sleep, we stopped for two breakies on the way and arrived in Crawley at about 6 in the morning. Mick was waiting for us with another breakfast. Into the cars and heading off to play golf.
The weather was super, blazing sunshine for the entire weekend.
The Thorpeness Golf Club has a long history and we were warned ahead of arrival that jacket and tie were mandatory after 6 pm.
The golf course was far too good for us. The winning score was 70 Stableford points after three games. In our defence, if you were five yards of the fairway you were likely to be in a gorse bush. Par 3’s had gorse for 100 yards in front of the tees. The number of balls lost that weekend would last a normal season now.
There were several interesting events that weekend not to be put in print for legal reasons but think of the term “Country Folk”
The waiter in the hotel has earned legend status in the Don Club for his insistence that the “Pastry Chef” only made enough bread rolls for guests to have only 1 with dinner. The “Pastry Chef” was seen the next morning in a “Bread Van”.
We ended up with a tie between Bob and Lee and decided not to have a play-off. Back to Mick's house for dinner, drinks and prizes. We got really locked, had a session in Mick's local involving pool, pool cues, 20 pence pieces, bowling balls and cold mince pies. Dave Forrester insisted on eating cold patatoes out of the grease in the baking dish and ended up pucking as usual.
A humble start to what has become a magnificent gang of golf piss heads.


After 20 years we are still looking forward to the next weekend. The golf is mediocre at times but the craic is outstanding, always.

2015 and we are heading for Wexford which has again been organised by Mr. Tony Dunne.

The trophy is due an upgrade this year as space is limited. Gary has promised to do a better job on "Mick Preston Perpetual Trophy" than the Captain's.


From 1994 to 2014 we have gone from 6 to in 2005 there were 17. However still playing are

  • Bob Preston (20)
  • Dave Forrester (20)
  • Mick Preston (19)
  • Noel McClean (19)
  • Jimmy Hegarty (18)
  • Tony Dunne (18)
  • Gary Owens (18)
  • Pearse Walpole (7)
  • Paul Owens (6)

In addition we have honourable mentions for John Bentham, Eddie Doyle, Tony Brown, Tom Halpin and the Captain: Noel Forrester.


The DON Club weekend is about the Mick Preston Perpetual Trophy played for over 3 days. When we can we play the Captain's on the Wednesday of the same week, an excuse to go early.

We also try get out most weekends weather permitting with 4 and a half members in Newbridge Golf Club.