DON Club - 2015

2014 Kilkenny

As has been the case in previous years we started our weekend in Johnstown for breakfast. We then drove to Carlow for our first game, the Captain's, won with a very dodgy handicap by Mr Gary Owens. Carlow was magnificent and we got a great deal due to the assitance of Brian Bulfin.

Wednesday night in Carlow was a great session with a bit of a pub crawl that ended up back in the hotel for the last few scoops.

Thursday morning we headed for Kilkenny to meet up with the other lads who could not make Wed. Golf was in Mount Juliet, not up to the sme standard as Carlow but a smashing track non the less. Golf was keenly contested with Gary again proving strong with his handicap.

Friday was the Gowran Park golf course which was a little jewel we had not played before. Set within the confines of a racecourse some of the holes were spectacular.

Saturday was Callan golf course, a completely different track to the previous three with some very tight holes.


The 20th Anniversary was sponsered and we had tee shirts done, White for Winners and Blue for everybody.

  • Noel Forrester
  • Gary Owens
  • Dave Forrester
  • Noel McClean
  • Tony Dunne
  • Bob Preston
  • Mick Preston
  • Paul Owens
  • Jimmy Hegerty
  • Pearse Walpole

Competition was won by Gary Owens.

Accommadation etc

Hotel was Seven Oaks in Carlow and Newpark in Kilkenny, we had some great sessions in Carlow and Kilkenny, including the "Comedy Club" as normal well organised by Tony Dunne.