DON Club - 2015

2013 Ennis

We met up for breakfast in the Johnstown Inn and then headed down the M7 to Shannon.

We played the Captain's on the first day in Shannon Golf Club, good first hole which attracted any slice to the OOB. Gary played the most consistant golf on the day to retain his trophy.

This started off as the weekend of the GOLFER and the gimps.

Thursday was the fist round, we played Shannon again and there was one superb round by Noel McClean, I think he had a ten or twelve shot lead. For some reason we were crap on the day, when you think we had already played the day before the scores other than Noel were without doubt the performance of gimps.

Friday we played Ennis a hilly course with lots of trees and some very dangerous crossing points. Some better performances here with Noel bragging about his unassailible lead of 12 points quickely eaten into. From 1st to nearly worst as you might imagine every body was very sympathetic to Noel. He still felt there was enough in the tank to hold the lead.

Saturday was a return to Dromoland and the chase for the trophy was on. The longest of the three courses and definitely in good condition the golf was competitive. Loads of pars and birdies with a few triple bogies thrown in. At the end of the day the steady golfer came through with the same score every day to win by 1. Tony Dunne was Champion again.

Entertainment in Ennis is varied, we visited Knox's, YOLO and our old favorite Cruises'. We had to go to the nightclub, scene of the naming of Psycho. Alas we were far too old for it now and decided a bar would make more sense. Knox's was the sports bar of choice with YOLO the spot for good music and craic.


A return to Ennis for the 3rd time

  • Gary Owens
  • Dave Forrester
  • Noel McClean
  • Tony Dunne
  • Bob Preston
  • Mick Preston
  • Paul Owens
  • Jimmy Hegerty

DON Club Trophy was won by Tony Dunne.

Captain's Trophy was won by Gary Owens.

Accommadation etc

Hotel was West County in Ennis we had stayed before, there is always plenty of craic going on in Ennis. Courses played were Shannon, Ennis and Dromoland Castle