DON Club - 2015

1995 Dromoland Castle

1995 the numbers had increased to 11. We were joined by family and a friend Joe.

Although the weather was terrible during golf it was super for the rest of the weekend. We have gone back to Ennis three times now and have never been dissappointed.

We played pitch and putt on Thursday and golf in Dromoland Fri, Sat and Sun. It rained for the three days we were on the course and I think it was the only rain for weeks.

Some notable events over the weekend were: Mick broke his hand while leading, Noel McClean stabbed himself in the back when his 8 iron snapped on a branch. Entertainment was super in the hotel and excillerating in the night club. Bob got done for speeding on the way down and Joe was nearly done on the way home.


This year we had tee shirts and prices. The addition of the Mick Preston Trophy. Named after my Dad, DON is a popular card game in Dublin.

  • Noel Forrester
  • Martin Forrester
  • Dave Forrester
  • Noel McClean
  • Noel Tobin
  • Bob Preston
  • Mick Preston
  • lee Cuckson
  • Jimmy Hegerty
  • Christy Donohoe
  • Joe Bergin

Competition was won by Bob Preston.

Accommadation etc

We stayed in the Clare In Hotel, on the corner of the golf course. Most of the weekend was spent in Ennis with some craic for all in Cruises Pub and disco. Nicknames were earned by people on this weekend.