2016 Bob Preston



The motto of the DON Club Golf Society and not a bad way to approach life. This is the new frontpage of my website. I am not in business and so if you do not think it is very good keep it to yourself. I like to play around with the code and try different pages so there are several earlier versions hanging around. I am mostly using it for personal fun and also as a collection point for family members. Most of the web site is taken up by the DON Club which is the section that I have updated over the years. I still keep all the older versions while updating in 2016. Sometime hobby is astronomy which will hopefully get more regular soon. Other areas of interest are woodworking, reading, tv and photography. The Family section is for members only.


Have had some cracking trips abroad, this photo is from Mexico 2014.
A jungle adventure that was well worth the trip.


2013 Martine and I went to Melbourne to see Anne Marie and had a brilliant time. Loved everything about Australia and looking forward to a return trip.

DON Club

Formed in 1994 still limping along. 2016 might be a Ryder Cup weekend. This photo is the 2014 trip to Kilkenny for the 20th Anniversary.


I am an Irishman who has always enjoyed looking up at the night sky. Living in a city like Dublin limits the possibility somewhat but something always got in the way. Sport, work, life and other things. Last year I decided I was going to give more time to my "Someday Hobby" and attended courses in Trinity College, did a lot of browsing and bought myself some tools.

Preston Family

This is a private section.